Heroes of Roswell

Heroes of Roswell 0.1

is a fun diversion with good game play and a lot of character (See all)

Free open source scrolling shooter released under the GPL. Blast aliens and grab power ups in this retro arcade shooter.
Even though this was my first foray into a completed video game, and the code isn't exactly beautiful, Heroes of Roswell is a fun diversion with good game play and a lot of character. After the government mistakingly shoots down a UFO in the Roswell Deserts during the 1950s, an alien race launches a full scale invasion. Only you can stop them! The game is full of my off beat humor, power ups, a cheat mode you unlock after completing the game, and of course the game has over sized bosses. Requires SDL to compile from source on Linux. Since this was my first game many years ago, anticipate the worst if braving the source code. I know I'm not going in there.
The game should run fine on most computers. You may need a midi sequencer [Timidity] installed if you're running linux. This software is very old and is no longer maintained.

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